ASPCA Grants $3,000 to Help Prince William Humane Society PAWS Fund

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Provided by Prince William Humane Society

Prince William Humane Society today announced that the ASPCA has provided a $3,000.00 grant to reimburse the emergency medical care for the 46 displaced pets evacuated from Florida as a result of Hurricane Irma.

When our nation needed our help, Prince William Humane Society was happy to answer the call saving 46 homeless pets’ lives, but it came at a high cost and depletion of our PAWS Fund. These funds from the ASPCA will help reimburse those unexpected expenditures so that we can continue to help the sick and injured pets admitted to the County Animal Shelter.

Who can forget Hurricane season of 2017? Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria all hit back to back to back. The devastation on the affected communities also effected the homeless pets and required shelters and rescues from all around the country to come together to save lives. Prince William Humane Society and their community partner, the Prince William County Animal Shelter, were happy to team together to take in some of these pets. When the call came, it was to transport 30 dogs and 16 cats and kittens, so the Prince William Humane Society volunteers met the transporters in Southern Virginia in the middle of the night to assure these pets would have a second chance. What wasn’t immediately apparent was the health conditions of these pets. Once the veterinarians got a chance to examine them, it became clear the evacuation had taken a toll on these pets, especially the cats and kittens. Many of them were in need of immediate treatment and extended medical care. The costs to save and nurse these pets back to health were considerable and had a profound effect on our Poor Animals Welfare and Surgical Fund. Without these funds from the ASPCA we would not have be able to pay for the next cases coming from the shelter. We are happy to say that all but one of the Hurricane Irma pets recovered and were adopted (one tiny kitten couldn’t survive the ordeal), and seven more PAWS Fund cases since have received the medical attention and treatments they needed.

For more information on the Hurricane Irma episode, Prince William Humane Society and our PAWS Fund please visit our website at

Prince William Humane Society is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization that was established in 2012 with the goals of increasing homeless pet adoptions and reducing unnecessary euthanasia at the county shelter. We accomplish these goals by fundraising to subsidize lifesaving programs with an adoption programs such as Seniors4Seniors, Warrior Buddies Military Family adoptions and the Warrior Buddies Wounded Hero program. In addition, we have recently opened an Adopt Shop in Dumfries as a community partner with the Prince William County Animal Shelter, transferring homeless pets to our Adopt Shop where they are socialized, trained, cuddled and cared for until they find their forever home.




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