Attract Success Like a Magnet

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As a hypnotist, I have a motto: To change your life, you just need to change your mind. Your mind is your own. What you plant there will grow. What you grow there, you can reap. And what you reap there, creates your life. Are you ready to create the life you really want?

Changing Our Minds

Our lives are our perceptions of what’s happening around us. Take a rainy day, for instance. You could wake up to the dreary drizzle and think how beautiful it’s going to make your flowers and garden look or how wonderful a day it is to curl up with a good book. Or you can see the rain and revel in the misery of not being able to be outside and hating the dampness. You choose how your day is going to be by choosing how you see your circumstances. By controlling your perception, you control your life.

The Six Rules of the Mind

When it comes to the mind, I know six things to be true.

  1. Every thought creates a physical reaction.
  2. We tend to get what we expect.
  3. Imagination tends to be more powerful than reality in the mind.
  4. Once you accept an idea, it stays put in your brain until you actively work to replace it with another.
  5. Every idea you act upon creates less resistance to subsequent ideas on the same topic.
  6. When you fully commit to a goal and believe it will get done, obstacles tend to move out of your way.

Using the Mind to Become a Success Magnet

Putting these six rules into action will snowball your success and bring about incredible changes. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Believe you are already successful and start taking actions that exhibit this.
  2. Define what success and happiness are for you.
  3. Take steps every day, no matter how small, to move you toward your goal of success.
  4. When you achieve success and happiness, get greedy and work for more. You’ll see it snowball!

Limiting Beliefs Can Block Success

We all have sets of beliefs that we walk around with deeply embedded in our minds. Oftentimes, these beliefs are the very things blocking our success. We have to work to actively change them, and hypnosis is a great tool to tap into the subconscious mind and make changes on a deep level. Adding the tool of hypnosis to your success toolbox can supercharge your results.

Learning More

If you or your organization want to learn more about becoming success magnets by harnessing the power of a positive mind, contact me. I offer individual consults, group talks and workshops to help people get ahead in life and in business. Let me learn about your needs and customize an event for your staff or just for you. Then sit back and watch as everyone becomes more productive and soars towards success.

Since 1993, Tim Horn has practiced as a consulting hypnotist in Northern Virginia, where he resides and operates a successful hypnosis and training center. He is the only National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Board Certified and Certified Instructor in Prince William County, VA. A former public school teacher for twenty years as well as an adult educator, Tim works with clients of all ages on weight, stress and pain management, smoking cessation, anxiety, phobias, limiting beliefs and more. He also teaches NGH Certification Classes. Learn how Tim can help you succeed in reaching your personal and/or professional goals. Schedule a free, introductory call now.

Sponsored by Hypnoconsult, LLC


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