Aurea Franklin Details Her Experience in 101st Airborne Division in “Silent Freedom”

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Provided by Leah Concialdi

Aurea Franklin of Woodbridge is a veteran of the 101st Airborne Division who is releasing her debut book, “Silent Freedom.” The book details her service, love, loss, and examines life at war from a woman’s perspective. The four-part memoir is one of strength, faith, and resilience.

Aurea Franklin in Northern Iraq

Aurea Franklin in Northern Iraq, 2003

Aurea offers keen insight into a woman’s experience in a war zone, and the unique challenges they face.  For example, it is extremely difficult for women to travel by simply hitching a ride. This presented extreme challenges when she was trying to rejoin her unit in Iraq. “Silent Freedom” details three instances of what she describes as “miracles” that defied the odds and allowed her to travel and arrive where she needed to be.

Faith and hope are also pillars of “Silent Freedom.” Aurea’s faith allowed her to deal with the difficulties of battle and survive combat with a sense of purpose. She went to war in the middle of a divorce, leaving a young son at home. She hopes readers her story illustrates how faith can lighten burdens and help overcome the challenges that life presents.

During her service, Aurea received two Bronze Star Medals for meritorious service in a combat zone. She also holds three master’s degrees and is a lifetime member of the Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC), previously serving as chairwoman of FAPAC’s Mentoring Program and currently serving as Committee Advisor.

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