Author Shannon Anderson Inspires Young Minds at Westridge Elementary School

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Provided by PWCS

Westridge Elementary School was abuzz with excitement recently as they hosted author Shannon Anderson. Anderson’s book “I Love Strawberries!” combines playful puns, silly moments, and practical information about growing strawberries and perseverance. The author engaged with young students to share her journey and the essence of perseverance in writing.

Addressing the first and second graders, Anderson delved into what it means to be a writer and how to persist in the face of challenges. “NO stands for next opportunity,” she said, instilling a message of resilience and optimism in her young audience.

The visit also included a special treat for the kindergarten class. Anderson read them a story and taught them a song, creating an interactive and joyful learning experience.

Her presence at Westridge Elementary is part of the PWCS Vision 2025 Launching Thriving Futures Strategic Plan aimed at connecting the art of writing and illustrating with the real-life experiences of those who master it. Through this initiative, students are encouraged to explore and enhance their own writing and artistic talents across various content areas.

In a collaboration with Prince William Public Libraries and the school division, Anderson visited15 PWCS schools and was the featured author for a family engagement session, held at the Haymarket-Gainesville Library.

“Our students today were provided with the opportunity to meet with an author who was able to provide our children with a deeper understanding of how an author creates, develops and writes books for various audiences,” said Kelly Machovec, librarian at Westridge.

The impact of Anderson’s visit was palpable, as students left the session inspired and more informed about the literary world. Excitement was particularly visible on the face of student Asher, who had his copy of “I Love Strawberries!” signed by Anderson.

Shannon Anderson’s visit only enriched the students’ learning experience. It also reinforced the vital link between educational strategies and real-world applications, ensuring these young authors are inspired and equipped to explore their creative potentials.


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