Back-to-School Blues

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By Amanda Causey Baity

Back to school is often an exciting time for young people. Oftentimes kids can’t wait to reunite with friends that they missed over the summer. Many children experience the joys of back-to-school shopping where buying new clothes, shoes, back packs and supplies is all normal. However, for some kids, back to school is a very stressful and hard time. Here are some tips for battling the back-to-school blues:

Get into the back-to-school mindset. A couple of weeks before school is set to begin, sit down and spend 15 minutes reading with your child. Use this quality time to remind them what fun learning will be in the new school year.

Celebrate the start of the school year. Plan a special evening to celebrate school being back in session. Go to a favorite restaurant and talk about all the activities that will be exciting in the new school year.

Take a test run. If your children are nervous about starting at a new school, whether they’re moving to a higher level (from elementary school to middle school) or they’ve moved to a new city, it’s a great idea to contact the school a week beforehand as teachers are prepping their classrooms. See if you can bring your children to meet their new teachers, walk the hallways, and check out the classroom to familiarize themselves with their new environment.

Remind your children that you can still have fun like you did in the summer. Make a plan that after homework is completed, they get to do a fun activity like going to the nearby yogurt shop or some other simple outing that’s easy to do on a weekday.

Offer incentives and rewards. Sometimes children just don’t want to go to school, no matter what. Incentivize children for the number of days they go to school without complaints, such as extra play time at the park or picking out the family movie they get to watch.

What advice do you have for battling the back-to-school blues? Send us a message with your tips, and we will share them with our social media followers.

Lunch Ideas for Picky Eaters
My children are picky eaters (they get it from their Mama, unfortunately), so I find myself scouring
Pinterest to find creative school lunch ideas. Here are a few favorites that are easy and can be replicated for several children per day.

Shopping List 1:
• Waffles with peanut butter, Nutella® or almond butter
• Go-gurt®
• String cheese
• Grapes
• Crackers
Shopping List 2:
• Pizza rolls (crescent round, sauce and shredded cheese)
• Oranges
• Pineapples
• Cheerios
Shopping List 3:
• Cheese and crackers
• Turkey rolls
• Apple slices
• Applesauce or chocolate pudding
Shopping List 4:
• Ham wraps (a tortilla with a slice of ham and cheese rolled up)
• Strawberries
• Banana
• Orange

Amanda Causey Baity (, Prince William Living’s director of operations and photo editor, also blogs about thrifty family activities on her blog


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