BadWolf Brewing Company Celebrates a New Year

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Provided by BadWolf Brewing Company

BadWolf Brewing Company is the oldest and smallest brewery in Manassas City and Prince William County.

As they planned for this new year, owners Sarah and Jeremy Meyers have asked themselves, “What makes BadWolf special and unique?” Sarah and Jeremy both agree that BadWolf is like an extended family. “We are very small and we feel that we have something very special that can’t easily get at a larger brewery. You don’t necessarily get the opportunity to interact with the owners and meet as many people in a larger space. People remember each other’s names and look out for one another,” says Jeremy.

At their previous facility on Kao Circle, much of their time was taken solving unplanned problems; they never had time to do the things they loved. Now they have time to explore other avenues such as lagers and gruit ales. “With our new 1bbl brite tank, all of this will be possible. Also, a recent beer of note is our new double IPA on tap, clocking in at 9.5% abv! It’s called Double Not Float,” says Jeremy Meyers. Sarah is excited to head up the marketing and events with a fresh perspective for the brewery this year.

Last Sunday was the their quarterly Stein Club private party, and this time it was Taco Night. They made several types of meats and veggie dishes for everyone to pair with the six beers on tap. The Meyerses said, “Everyone was grateful and really enjoyed the event! The double IPA was a hit and adding some limes to the beers really gave them a nice touch of flavor.”

Later this month, BadWolf is hosting a new event titled “Beyond the Fermenters – a Day with the Brewer,” which is FREE to the public. Ten selected individuals will get to brew with Jeremy Meyers. The event details are listed at This event is on Thursday, Jan. 17 from 11:00 a, m,-5:30 p. m.

Wicks & Sips & Books on Tap will be held this month. BadWolf is also doing a collaboration with IMAGINE this month.


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