What’s on Your Ballot?

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Provided by Prince William County

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The Prince William Office of Elections wants people to know that there’s a lot on the ballot for the Nov.3 election. In fact, the ballot will be two-sided because of the number of races in Prince William County. Voters can expect to see candidates for:

·        the Virginia State Senate

·        the Virginia House of Delegates

·        the Prince William Board of County Supervisors (chair and members)

·        the Prince William County School Board (chair and members)

·        Clerk of Court

·        Commonwealth’s Attorney

·        Sheriff

·        the Soil and Water Conservation District Board

“It’s important for people to realize that there are a lot of contests,” said Michele White, the Prince William County Registrar. “So, voters need to know they should fill in both sides of the ballot.”

Now that paper ballots have replaced the old touch-screen machines, voters will be able to mark their ballots in partitioned voting booths. Once they’ve marked their ballots, they will insert the ballot – any side up –to be counted. Feeding a ballot into the new voting equipment is very much like feeding money into a self-checkout register or a vending machine. Watch this video to learn how to mark the vote!

The paper ballots will provide an accurate record of voter intent and will keep a complete record of the vote in case of a recount.

If voters are unable to make it to the polling place on Election Day, there is the option for absentee voting. Visit the Office of Elections website for more information.


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