Bathing Beauties: Soaking into a New Wave of Design

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Provided by DRS and Associates

The bathtub can be a relaxing and meditative reprieve at the end of a long day. With timeless style and artistic inspiration, every bathtub has a personality of its own. A freestanding bathtub, for example is a tub of elegance and luxury. This type of tub adds a classic style and focal point to the bathroom.

One company that specializes in crafting exquisite freestanding bathtubs is the UK brand, Drummonds. Founded in 1988 by Drummond Shaw, Drummonds manufactures and distributes classic bathroom products made of solid cast iron using a time-honored sandcasting technique. Their handmade products adhere to traditional manufacturing where attention to detail is key and time, patience and skill are absolute necessities.

Drummond’s decadent bathtubs exude quality and durability -the interior of the bath is enameled with dry frit vitreous enamel. One important aspect of all Drummond’s bathtubs is the power of customization. With customization, consumers can freely choose to add a unique and personal touch to the bathroom they envision. Who wouldn’t want to own the perfect bathroom?

Drummonds offers a variety of beautiful freestanding bathtubs:

The Bute
The Bute bathtub has been formed from quality, durable cast iron which is then hand-finished with a seamless steel skirt wrapped all the way around it. The classic, curved roll top contrasts strikingly with the straight, steel sides. The Bute comes primed in a pure white finish but can be painted in a color of your choice.


The shape of Drummonds Usk roll top bath is based on a classic 18th century bateau bath design, known popularly as a ‘boat bath.’ Retaining its elegance across the centuries, it is an elegant shape that fits perfectly into traditional and contemporary bathroom schemes. Shown here in its polished finish: A silver, shiny smooth surface is revealed by polishing the cast iron exterior of the bath to the finest grade. Natural pitting in the cast iron is also revealed. The tub may also be primed and painted.

Named after the river Wye, design of Drummonds Wye is based on an 18th century Bateau or ‘boat’ bath, high sided to retain heat and a grand classical symmetry. The Wye retains the characteristic curves of the traditional 18th century Bateau but is a more practical and comfortable option for bathing, and fits perfectly into traditional or contemporary bathroom schemes. The bath can be left raw and black, or primed and ready for painting in any color in either matte or gloss. The Bath is also available polished until a shiny silvery smooth surface is revealed.

The Tyburn bath is the centerpiece of Drummonds’ collection with Martin Brudnizki. A departure from cast iron, the bath is formed from 80% natural stone which gives it its sweeping curves and uniquely silky smooth finish. Symmetrical on the outside, the Tyburn has an asymmetric interior with two differently shaped ends; one sloped for reclining and one more upright for sitting up. The profile features a distinctly rounded edge, subtly scooped for a comfortable headrest when bathing.

The Tay is a large double-ended roll top bath made from solid cast iron. The cast iron exterior of the bath can be left raw and black, with a rough textured surface. Or it can be treated with a hard primer finish that creates a perfectly smooth surface, ready for painting. Drummonds can custom paint the bath any color specified in either matte or gloss. They prefer to use a RAL color but can also use most ranges of paint. When polished, a silver, shiny smooth surface is revealed by polishing the cast iron exterior of the bath to the finest grade. Natural pitting in the cast iron is also revealed

You can learn more about Drummonds and their products here:


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