Battlefield High School Student-Run Graphics Shop Open for Business

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Provided by Prince William County Schools (PWCS)

Affordable graphic services for customers and hands-on job training skills for students — the new Battlefield High School Graphics Shop is benefiting the entire school community.

Technical Education and Physics Teacher Michael Spudic proposed the Graphics Shop as a way to combine classroom instruction with a student-run business.

“Many schools offer courses that teach students basic Photoshop skills,” said Spudic. ” The problem, however, is that the final product is limited to the student’s computer screen or paper print out. In order to be prepared for technical jobs, students need experience that goes beyond the design phase.”

Through a grant from SPARK, Spudic acquired a cad-vinyl cutter and heat press to apply custom designs to t-shirts and sweatshirts. Project Lead the Way students also use a laser engraver to personalize plaques, calculators, and glasses. They are also working on etching different designs on cutting boards and game balls for various sports.

But it’s not just Spudic’s students taking part in this business. The EMPLOY class also helps run the BHS Custom Graphic Shop. EMPLOY provides special education students skills-training for entry into the workplace based on their unique needs, aptitudes and interests. Brian Shaffer is the EMPLOY class teacher.

“It’s exciting to see the kids have the opportunity to apply classroom lessons on topics such as teamwork, time management, and customer service skills to an actual real-world business venture,” said Shaffer. “This is an incredibly valuable experience as the students are now getting “on-the-job training” without having to leave our school.”

Any organization or individual can purchase a custom-designed item from the BHS Custom Graphic Shop. Profit goes back to the school to purchase more materials and equipment.

“Aside from the direct impact on students who are involved with the BHS Graphics Shop, other students, teachers, clubs, teams, and individuals in the community will have access to graphic design solutions for a fraction of the cost they would pay elsewhere,” said Spudic. “And they are helping sustain a student-led business.”

Contact Michael Spudic at for orders and more information.


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