Be a Part of Community Safety – Join the Community Safety Advisory Committee

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Provided by Prince William County Office of Community Safety

The Office of Community Safety is committed to improving safety in our communities by addressing the root causes of violence. To help achieve this goal, OCS is seeking volunteers to work collaboratively with to build the infrastructure that will shape the future direction and priorities of community safety initiatives.

The primary role of the CSAC is to engage with residents by conducting listening sessions and gathering insights from various segments of the community. This will help create a deep understanding of the safety needs and perspectives, informing the community safety strategy executed by the Office of Community Safety and other county agencies. The CSAC will work closely with community leaders, community organizations, and stakeholders to provide insights to help develop collaborative solutions for multi-faceted community concerns in the county and recommendations to inform the strategic plan.

The committee, which will begin meeting this summer, will concentrate on all areas that affect community safety and well-being. These areas include youth empowerment, homelessness, mental health, substance misuse, as well as environmental, traffic safety, community healing, and violence prevention work. OCS will work with the committee to conduct listening sessions with communities throughout the county on various community safety topics.  Members of the committee will then draft recommendations to be used by the Office of Community Safety to guide policy and strategies related to safety initiatives.

Those interested in participating in the Community Safety Advisory Committee should complete the interest form.


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