Beach Beauty

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Summer, sun and rising temperatures are all reasons which get us thinking about our first trip to the beach this year. However, salt water, sand or the UV rays of the sun can all lead to deterioration in the condition both of our complexion and hair. beautypress reveals some simple tips which help you to make sure to look your absolute best when the beach season begins.

It’s all about the right sunscreen
Do you know what the SPF numbers on the sun cream bottles mean? They are of utmost importance as they tell you how long you can stay in the sun without getting burned. A SPF of 20, for example, means that you can enjoy the sun 20 times longer than you would be able to without sun cream. So, if you are planning to stay in the sun for many hours, a higher SPF is recommendable.
When it comes to your hair, you might want to try using a UV protectant spray too, as this can prevent your hair from changing its colour.

Bring on the moisture!
While having fun at the beach, it is very important not to forget about your skin and hair. The sun, wind and salt water can all dehydrate you internally and externally. Make sure to keep your skin well moisturized by using a rich cream several times a day. A suggestion at this point is, to use a cream or lotion which can be applied to wet skin as your pores are still open and can absorb the moisture more easily. When it comes to your hair, it is also very important to nourish it prior to sun exposure by using conditioners, intensive care hair masks and oils. Before hitting the beach, you can also use leave-in lotions or sprays which provide important nutrients as well as an extra portion of hydration!

Keep it natural!
When spending time on the beach try to keep the make-up as simple and minimalistic as possible. You might want to use some waterproof mascara to avoid these nasty under-eye smears and a nude coloured lip balm with SPF, to keep your lips moist and soft. You should also try to use cream eyeshadow instead of powder as they tend to be more water-resistant and long-lasting. A light bronze foundation will be your best ally to get a gorgeous sun-kissed glow that everybody craves!

When the fun is over
After a day at the beach our skin is in need of an extra boost of moisture. Here, after-sun lotions and creams are ideal, as they, in contrast to ordinary creams, often contain ingredients which are optimally tailored to the needs of sunbathed skin. Also indulge your hair in a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all these nasty residues followed by a rich hair care mask to give back the moisture to your hair. By following these beauty tips, you can be sure that this will be your best-looking summer yet.



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