Bennett Elementary Student Competes at Mathfest

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Timothy Clem, a third-grader at Bennett Elementary School, placed 14th in the nation at Mathfest.

Clem’s journey started after receiving information from his gifted education teacher about Mathfest. In February, he placed first at the state competition in Virginia Beach, advancing him to the regional competition in March in Atlanta. At the regional competition, over 4,200 students competed and Clem, once again, took home the winning third-grade title. On May 19 in Birmingham, Alabama, Clem competed in the national competition, finishing 14th out of over 110 third-grade students competing.

Renee Blaine, gifted education teacher at Bennett Elementary, stated, “Timmy’s inquisitive nature drives him to succeed. His accomplishment is something that has inspired those around him and given our school community such pride.”

Mathfest is the largest math competition for students in grades one through eight. Created by a group of elementary teachers in 2001, Mathfest is a way to motivate students, parents, and teachers and raise standards and expectations in the subject. Mathfest is open to public, private, or homeschooled students.

By Prince William Living


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