Blizzard Clean-up Continues

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Provided by Virginia Department of Transportation

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Virginia Department of Transportation crews have worked around the clock to make all roads in northern Virginia passable post-blizzard, but there is still some clean-up to do.

Crews are working to widen and restore remaining snow-impacted lanes on primary and high-volume secondary roads. PWL Clearing efforts will continue through the week, using equipment such as front loaders and motor graders to move snow where plows are unable to push.

Thursday and Friday commutes

For the rest of the week, use caution and be alert to remnants of the blizzard that will slow commutes, such as:

  • Black ice. Crews are treating for snow melting back into the roadway and refreezing each day.
  • Lanes shifted, narrowed, or blocked due to snow cover, and snow patches or drifts on acceleration and turn lanes.
  • Blocked sight from snow mounds at intersections and ramps. Be aware that signal timing may be impacted by snow-covered turn lanes. Signal engineers are monitoring major intersections and adjusting as needed.
  • Slow-moving heavy equipment, and lanes closed for snow-removal efforts.

What subdivisions should look like

  • Subdivisions should now have at least one passable lane on all streets.
  • Passable means a path that is driveable with caution for a rear-wheel drive vehicle. The path will be snow-packed and rough, due to the volume of snow and refreeze.
  • Crews will sand hills, curves and intersections where needed to provide traction.
  • Crews are asked to be mindful of pushing large piles onto driveways, sidewalks, and fire hydrants, but unfortunately it is an unintended consequence in an extreme storm.

VDOT resources:

VDOT’s Northern Virginia District includes Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William and Arlington counties (Arlington maintains its own secondary roads).


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