BLOSSOM Reception at OSA Flourishes through Inclement Weather

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Provided by Open Space Arts (OSA)

Despite the rain, the opening night of the “Blossom: A Spring Awakening Floral Extravaganza” exhibit at Open Space Arts (OSA) was a resounding success. Around 70 attendees braved the weather to be part of this vibrant celebration of art and spring.

Guests enjoyed an evening of mingling with OSA’s diverse community of artists, indulging in delightful arrangements of finger sandwiches, pasta salads, petit fours, and spring-inspired mocktails, all catered by Edutainment Productions.

The highlights of the reception included a community canvas, on which attendees were encouraged to paint and draw alongside currently exhibiting artists as a piece that will be hung and displayed for the remainder of the exhibition. Additionally, Open Space Arts held a raffle that included prizes such as art gift bags, art supplies, and a choice between two free pieces of artwork created by professional digital artist Tom Payne.

The BLOSSOM exhibit, which features a vast range of artistic techniques, mediums, and disciplines, captured the essence of revival, rebirth, and renewal, drawing in Prince William County residents in force to witness the jubilant display.

During the event, Christopher James, the development director at Edutainment Productions, delivered an inspiring speech about the future of Open Space Arts. He hinted at a renewed focus on revitalizing the performing arts scene in Northern Virginia and the need for community support for the exciting ventures to come.

“Woodbridge In Fashion allowed us to determine that there is a desire and a need for an organization like ourselves to push forward and expand upon who we reach and serve in the arts,” said Christopher. “We’ve established our fashion department, now we’re focused on capturing and creating opportunities for Northern Virginia residents in the performing arts industry.”

More information on this initiative will be provided in an official public announcement. Despite the weather, the night was a testament to the resilience and passion of the local arts community and the promise of more enriching experiences to come.

About Open Space Arts (OSA): 

Open Space Arts, managed by Edutainment Productions, is a focal point for artistic exploration and education in the community, dedicated to making the arts accessible and engaging to all. Open Space Arts seeks to reach and provide opportunities for the diverse and expansive artistic community in Northern Virginia, giving way to unforgettable experiences.

About Edutainment Productions:

Edutainment Productions is known for its commitment to creating meaningful cultural experiences through art and entertainment. Together with Open Space Arts, they provide platforms for artists to showcase their talents while engaging and enriching the community.


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