Board Celebrates the Completion of the Prince William Parkway

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The Board of County Supervisors recently came together to celebrate the completion of the Prince William Parkway between Minnieville and Old Bridge roads. The completed road offers better trips for commuters and safer walking for pedestrians. The $15-million, 2006 road bond project included widening the road to six lanes and installing mixed-use, asphalt trails and sidewalks along the sides of the parkway.

Prince William Board of County Supervisor’s Chairman Corey A. Stewart said that the project was part of a larger, $1-billion plan to move traffic along in the county. “Prince William County has got the largest road construction program in the entire Commonwealth of Virginia, even larger than Fairfax County’s. This is another piece in the puzzle to alleviating traffic congestion in Prince William County.”

The road is the border for the Neabsco and Occoquan Magisterial Districts, and the sidewalk and mixed use trail alongside the road will allow people to walk and get around more safely, said Supervisor John D. Jenkins. Jenkins spoke of the connectivity that now exists between the neighborhoods in Dale City due to the pedestrian and cyclist improvements to the road. He also said synchronized lights and signalized pedestrian crossings will also make both walking and driving safer.

Occoquan District Supervisor Michael C. May said the widening will help the entire community. “This is a really, really exciting project for all of Prince William County. By widening this portion of the Prince William Parkway, which is the last remaining portion between Minnieville and Old Bridge, we’ve really done a great job in easing that bottleneck through there… I think the community’s excited about it. It is an investment that is well worth it; and we’re glad it’s complete and look forward to taking advantage of it for years to come.”

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