Board of County Supervisors Creates Racial and Social Justice Commission

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Provided by Prince William County

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) recently authorized the creation of a Racial and Social Justice Commission. Its mission is to examine the state of racial and social justice for people of color in the County.

The Commission, to include Prince William County citizens, will examine ways to reduce racial disparities, treat all residents equally and proactively give all residents the chance to fully participate in County programs, services and benefits.

Areas of concern to the BOCS include policing, government services and public education. The BOCS would like to have the Prince William County School Board help with the educational component of the Commission.

Initially, the Commission will concentrate on policing, the provision of government services and public education, in partnership with the school system. Among other things, the Commission will examine the Prince William County Police Department’s practices and policies, including use of force and hiring.

The Commission will study and propose solutions for racial and social justice within the County and create opportunities for discussions with local governments, agencies and organizations. The Commission will identify areas of concern and research best practices from other jurisdictions and learn from what those jurisdictions discovered through similar activities.

The Commission will submit a report and recommendations to the BOCS for review in December 2021.


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