Board of County Supervisors Invites Community Feedback on Draft Map for Redistricting

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Provided by Prince William County

During a meeting on Nov. 9, 2021, the Board of County Supervisors agreed to keep seven magisterial districts and invited the public to provide feedback on the draft seven-district map as part of its redistricting efforts. The public may view the map and provide feedback by visiting The draft seven-district map addresses the growth in the county while adhering to legal redistricting requirements and the Board’s redistricting criteria.

The Constitution of Virginia requires the Board of County Supervisors to change its district boundaries every 10 years in the year ending in one, using the most recent decennial population figures. Therefore, the Board is required to adopt a redistricting ordinance in 2021. This ordinance must include boundary lines for the magisterial districts, descriptions of the boundaries, as well as election precincts. The Board is scheduled to hold a public hearing and adopt the redistricting ordinance on Dec. 21, 2021.

The Supreme Court of Virginia is now responsible for redistricting the congressional and state legislative districts.

To find out more about the county’s redistricting process, visit


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