Board of County Supervisors Recognizes Eileen Thrall for 20 Years of Service on Zoning Appeals Board

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Provided by Prince WIlliam County

Eileen Thrall was appointed to the Prince William County Board of Zoning Appeals in 2002. The zoning board reviews appeals and requests for variances to provisions. Additionally, the zoning board decides the merits of the case of an appeal based on county ordinances and state requirements.

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors recently recognized Thrall for her service to the zoning board and the trust she gained over her four consecutive five-year terms.

In her years on the board, Thrall acted as a mentor and imparted wisdom, knowledge, inspiration, and compassionate understanding to people seeking impartial, fair rulings from the zoning board.  She also brought “respect, honor, and integrity to Prince William County and the Board of Zoning Appeals by consistently demonstrating the highest level of ethics and moral character,” according to the proclamation.

The commendation showed that Thrall acted with honesty, integrity and was willing to take on and understand complicated case facts and responded impartially and objectively in all the cases brought before the zoning appeals board.

The board thanked Thrall for her “legacy of dedication, enthusiasm, and outstanding public service to the Greater Prince William community.”


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