Board Seeks to Balance Strategic Cuts and Investments in FY2021 Budget

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Provided by Occoquan Supervisor Kenny Boddye’s Office

Last night the Prince William County Board of Supervisors voted to adopt the FY2021 Budget, with a flat real estate tax rate of $1.125 for every $100 of assessed value. It includes a number of cuts from the budget initially presented by the County Executive  in February, which was built on a $1.145 tax rate.

“We are sensitive to the fact that many are facing financial uncertainty in the face of COVID19,” said Occoquan District Supervisor Kenny Boddye. “While it is not the budget that I had envisioned prior to this unprecedented crisis, I am proud of the budget that we have crafted. It balances strategic cuts with essential investments that will allow the County to provide services when our residents need them the most.”

Supervisor Boddye noted that these vital  investments include additional support for the Prince William Health District, enhanced partnerships  with community organizations  and formation of a Community Feeding Task Force and Disaster Relief Fund, creation of a $1.5 million Small Business Relief Fund and emergency housing aid. He also successfully advocated for reinstatement of the New Horizons Intensive In-Home Youth Program, effective Jan. 1.

Additionally, the FY21 Budget meets unfunded state mandates such as  45 days of Early Voting, changes to the Virginia Retirement System and the implementation of the Child Services Act.

“A locality’s budget is a statement of its values and priorities, and the majority of this Board has made our values clear: We see that this crisis is increasing the need for safety net services, and will not abide cuts to the programs that can help people survive this health and economic crisis.”



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