Book Launch at Jirani Coffeehouse Nov. 10

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Provided by Afua R. Jones

Afua R. Jones is an Encourager, Author, Empowerment Speaker, Mentor and Entrepreneur.

Deciding to write a self-development book was really an afterthought.  What Afua was really after was finding a way to get comfortable in her own skin and develop a way to live and work in her passion.

In her debut, To Change The World Begin With Yourself:  Ten Steps to Walking Into Your True Self, author Afua Jones guides readers through the illuminating journey of discovering one’s God-given identity. Each chapter marks another step towards fulfillment and self-discovery.  She encourages the reader to choose to accomplish the process of self-realization and sustain it; even when dealing with topics such as forgiveness, toxic relationships, and fear.  Jones’s uplifting tone and strong resolve empowers readers to embrace the joy that comes from making great changes and giving to others from a place of abundance.

The book launch party will be held Friday, Nov. 10 at Jirani Coffeehouse (9425 West St., Manassas) from 8:00-10:00 p. m.



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