Book Review: Play Your Best Golf Now

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Submitted by Cindy Clark

play your best golf nowPlay Your Best Golf Now, Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott’s 2011 sequel to their bestseller Every Shot Must Have a Purpose, reveals the secret of playing your best to be a balance between swing mechanics and psychology. It is based on the premise that “what you achieve is affected by what you believe you can achieve” as much as by mastering swing technique. Nilsson and Marriott’s ability to condense, into a stand-alone book, what avid players are willing to spend thousands of dollars to learn through training programs is superb.

Stating the obvious, “Lower scores result from the repeatability of your swing when it is at its best,” Nilsson and Marriott share their holistic approach to balancing the physical, technical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of the game. The reader is treated to a poignant quote from the disparate likes of Oscar Wilde, Bono and Peter Pan at the start of each chapter. “Swing keys,” or thoughts to keep in mind, provide an added benefit. Players of varying skill levels give compelling first-hand accounts of how they have improved their game and enriched their lives.

Comparing the feasibility of shooting a 54 in golf (the equivalent of a birdie on every hole) to the once-unimaginable feat of running a 4-minute mile, Nilsson and Marriott recommend eight essential playing skills that can yield a greater return on the amount of time, effort, and money you invest into golf. They are:

  1. Leave your mind behind
  2. Decide and commit
  3. Find your balance
  4. Feel your tempo and dance to its rhythm
  5. Tame tension
  6. Build emotional resilience
  7. Store memories
  8. Drown self-talk in useful thoughts

They also present two essential skills to make any practice session more effective:

  1. Simulate golf when you practice
  2. Integrate skills by hitting each shot with a purpose in mind.

Important points, in bold typeface, allow the reader to quickly skim or review the text with ease. The book also provides exercises for those who choose to act on what they have read.  A guide lets you determine when you are merely functional with a skill or have mastered it.

Targeting the complete golfer as well as the whole person, the book encourages every golfer to achieve peak performance through both technical skill and mental acuity.

For more exhilaration and less frustration on the course, Play Your Best Golf Now is a sure bet.

Cindy Clark, USGTF, is a golf instructor at Dave Predzin Golf Academy in Bristow.   ( Her email is


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