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Breakfast with an Expert

Join Prince William Living for

Breakfast with an Expert

Enjoy a morning of marketing education, strategizing, business networking and good coffee, courtesy of Prince William Living.

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Join us for a cup of coffee, breakfast by Jirani Coffeehouse and information from an expert who will give you actionable advice you can put to work immediately in your business.




Rebecca Barnes, Publisher

Our July Expert is Rebecca Barnes, media and marketing expert, publisher of Prince William Living and Brides & Weddings magazines and community leader.

Rebecca will discuss “Layered Marketing: Using multiple vehicles to get your branding and message across.”

If you’re not using a layered approach to marketing, Rebecca says, you might as well “write a check for several thousand dollars to cash, hand it to a stranger and close your business. You will be ahead of the game and will thank me later.”

Find out why she’s so adamant about this and how you can implement layered marketing into your business plan.