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Breakfast with an Expert


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Join us for a cup of coffee, breakfast by Jirani and information from an expert who will give you actionable advice you can put to work immediately in your business.





Join Prince William Living at Breakfast with an Expert.


Our June expert is Katherine Gotthardt, CEO, All Things Writing, who will present: The Where’s Waldo of Social Media.

Are you throwing posts out on social media, hoping something will stick? If so, you are like many others trying to navigate the complex world of social platforms.  One of the keys to success is knowing where your target audience is.  At this session of Breakfast with an Expert, Katherine will lead us on a journey to find the elusive Waldo – AKA, the audience who cares what we have to say.  Take a look at some current research and discuss how to integrate it into your social media strategy. Bring a phone or laptop, and get ready for the hunt.