Building Codes Improve Lives

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Safety in our Structures

by Rebecca Barnes, Publisher
Buildings across our county provide safety and shelter to people and businesses. From multi-level buildings that form our town’s horizons to our homes, these structures offer places to reside, learn and enjoy leisure activities, and must be safe, secure, and resilient. May is National Building Safety Month. Prince William County wishes to acknowledge and express gratitude to those who ensure our county’s buildings’ safety and uphold our commitment to protect our county’s structures.

First observed in 1980, National Building Safety Month raises awareness about critical building safety issues, from structural to fire prevention, plumbing and electrical systems, and energy efficiency. In Prince William County, three Departments/Divisions are directly involved in the review, permitting, inspection, and enforcement of the building codes that govern building development. They are the Department of Development Services/Building Development Division, Department of Public Works/Neighborhood Services Division, and Department of Fire and Rescue/Fire Marshal’s Office

“Building codes are developed and enforced as a way to protect us against disasters like fires, weather, and earthquakes,” said Wade Hugh, Director of Development Services at Prince William County. “The Building Safety Month campaign helps improve public safety by increasing awareness about how building codes and code officials improve and protect the places where we live, learn, play, work, and retire!”

Supporting the ongoing safety and durability of our homes and buildings is imperative. Whether it’s adopting disaster-resistant building codes and standards, resilient construction materials, or proven designs, we can protect the homes, businesses, schools, and other facilities that afford us the space to live, work and play.

We all should feel safe in our neighborhood buildings, whether it is the corner market, the local school, or our home. With a commitment to quality, the Prince William County Department of Development Services strives to safeguard our community’s buildings and recognize those that help the county achieve that mission.

Stay tuned during the month of May to learn more about Building Safety Month and all that the Prince William County Department of Development Services does to improve the quality of life and business in our community.

For more information on Development Services, visit the Development Services homepage at, email, or call (703) 792-6930. To stay up-to-date, E-Sign Up to Customer Service Bulletins, find them @PWCDDS, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn.


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