Bull Run Middle School PTSO Provides Chromebooks

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Provided by Bull Run Middle School PTSO

This week, the Bull Run Middle School PTSO donated ten new Chromebook laptop computers to the school.  A year-long fundraising process made this donation possible. The Chromebooks have been slated specifically for use with a new technique called Blended Learning. Blended Learning is a station rotation model that provides opportunities for differentiation in students’ learning pace.

Classes are full of students with a variety of needs. Many are visual learners and may do well with a video they can listen or watch as many times as they need. Others may benefit from extra practice provided by websites that Bull Run Middle school provides.  And some students may master the content at a faster pace and could benefit from enrichment opportunities to increase engagement.

“Having access to Chromebooks on a daily basis means we can conduct research as needed, contact experts in a variety of fields, and collaborate on presentations,” said Rachael Leon, Eighth Grade Language Arts Teacher at Bull Run Middle School.

“The Chromebooks will allow me to implement a writing workshop model to work with students along all stages of the writing process,” said Leon. “If some students are ready to move onto a part of the essay I haven’t discussed with the whole group, they can watch a video I’ve recorded with examples. While other students move on, I can conference with students who are struggling with crafting a thesis statement, developing a hook, or elaborating with details.”

The Chromebooks will also be used for Project Based Learning (PBL). PBL is shown to increase engagement through sustained inquiry; students focus on the “why” of their learning. PBL is about the process, not just a final project done at the end of the unit.

The school looks forward to tracking the students’ successes year-over-year using the latest and greatest technology offerings.


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