Getting Burned Out? Five Ways To Recharge

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Let’s start this article off with one broad assumption: we all want to be good at what we do. The fact that you’re reading a business blog, when videos of fluffy animals are just as convenient, only affirms that assumption. We all want to be great; but unfortunately, that requires a lot of work.

Burnout: Out Of OrderI’m no stranger to the throes of burnout. It can cripple you to the point of spending your weekends couch-ridden, with mouth agape and eyes fixated on reality TV, flipping through channels and praying that you’ll recharge by Monday morning. That’s no way to live.

However, with a few simple lifestyle changes, you can meet the demands of your daily grind and still have a life worth living.

1. Designate your downtime, and turn off your cell phone. It may be after dinner, or until you get into the office, but set aside some time when people know you’re not at their beck and call. Let your coworkers, friends and family know that you’re taking that time for yourself. Anyone with a conscience will understand, and appreciate the fact that you let them know ahead of time. Anyone without a conscience can leave a voicemail.

2. Work when you work. Simply, cut out the distractions – social media, texting, remote control helicopter acrobatics, reading awesome blogs like this – until you’re done with your work. All of them are more enjoyable without pending work over your head, and you’ll be surprised how much you get done.

3. Move. The human body isn’t designed to sit behind a desk for eight (or twelve) hours per day. Taking a brief walk every hour or so can help clear your mind and get your circulation back in check. Couple that with regular exercise and you’ll have more than enough energy to tackle whatever’s thrown at you.

4. When you’re off, be off. My personal favorite is to go find inspiration in something other than marketing.For me, it includes playing musical instruments, learning to make beer, developing a new Worcestershire sauce recipe or just hanging out with my family. Stepping away is important, but you never want to shut down. By staying active with new things, you’re able to clear your mind and stay inspired.

5. Finally, Say “no”. Few people are good at it, but sometimes we just need to let people know that we’re at capacity. They’ll be far more grateful knowing that up front, than by getting let down in the end.

This is in no way a complete list, so let me know what you do to unwind!


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