Business Continuation- OmniRide is Still Mobile

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We’ve been interviewing our clients to find out how they are responding to COVID-19 and how it affects their business:

Tell us what OmniRide is doing to protect riders and staff:

  • Wiping down each bus interior daily, focusing on common areas such as handrails, armrests, seatbacks, and the bus operator’s compartment.
  • Performing enhanced cleaning once a week on all buses.
  • Upgraded the strength of cleaning products used on the bus fleet.
  • Cleaning Transit Center common areas daily.
  • Distributed hand sanitizer and Lysol disinfecting wipes to all office staff and placed hand sanitizer in transit center lobby.
  • Following CDC guidelines, reminding all staff (including bus operators) to stay home when ill and generally practice good hygiene to help prevent the spread of all types of illness.
  • Collaborating with Prince William County staff on illness updates and the impact on our local area.
  • Updating pandemic service plans to prepare for potential changes in staffing levels and bus services in the event of a pandemic.
  • Monitoring the response of other transit agencies in the region.

What are you doing to assure staff are well?

Currently, OmniRide staff in administrative type positions have the option to work remotely. Our bus operators, mechanics and dispatch staff are mission-critical and must report in-person to perform their jobs. OmniRide understands that many of our riders need our service and we are striving to strike a balance between maintaining service levels and maintaining a healthy staff.

What services are you offering?

OmniRide buses are continuing to operate. The service level has been reduced on the Express commuter routes but routes to Metrorail and local routes continue to run on regular schedules. To enforce social-distancing, local routes are fare-free. On commuter routes riders must pay using a SmarTrip card — no cash fares are accepted.

Anything else we need to know?

We are working hard to continue to provide mobility services to the community!




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