Businesses Must File Recycling Report by Feb. 15

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Provided by Prince William County Solid Waste Division

Businesses in Prince William County must complete and file an annual recycling report with the Department of Public Works by Feb. 15. 

Section 22-169 of the Prince William County Code requires all businesses and other non-residential properties that produce trash within the county to report on its activities by Feb. 15 of each year for the previous calendar year.  Home-based businesses and businesses located within the incorporated towns of Dumfries, Haymarket, Occoquan, or Quantico are exempt from filing this report.

This information is required each year so Prince William County can comply with the Commonwealth’s annual recycling reporting requirements.  The report can be completed online by the person most familiar with trash and recycling.  It will take about 10 minutes. The report form is accessible via the Prince William County website, Or, you may send an email to and you will receive a direct link to the report.

For calendar year 2017 (the most recent year for which data is available), the County’s recycling rate was 34.6 percent. This was almost a two percent decline compared to the 2016 rate of 36.8 percent.

A waste composition study conducted at the Prince William Landfill in 2013/2014 found that 70% of the items discarded as waste by businesses and residents were actually recyclable resources. That means there are many opportunities to improve the County’s recycling rate.  The Solid Waste Division encourages businesses and residents to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle waste appropriately to help conserve natural resources and landfill capacity for future generations.

For more information about the annual business recycling report, or to learn more about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle waste in Prince William County, please visit or call the Solid Waste Division at 703-792-4670.


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