Buster + Punch Introduce Their Iconic Rockstar Bar

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Provided by DRS and Associates

Everyone knows a good rockstar steals the show, and the Rockstar Bar is no different. Entertain with style and transform any room into a space with sophistication and edge with Buster + Punch’s eclectic Rockstar Bar. The stunning whisky or cocktail bar is handmade in the UK from solid American Walnut or Black Oak. The quilted back panel comes in a sumptuous grey berry silk or rockstar black leather. The Rockstar Bar also features a glass front to prevent dust from entering, as well as a unique lift up door at the top that opens and, when closed, can be used as a counter. To the side of the bar sits a knurled brass light fitting with a snake’s heat cage for protection. The bar is accented with custom brass buttons and signature knurled brass furniture handles. Accessorize the bar with the MACHINED Whisky Plate.

The MACHINED plate is made of solid brushed Steel or Brass and comes complete with two hand blown crystal WHISKY glasses that fit perfectly into the plate. The plate features two indentations that accentuate the shape of the tray. MACHINED is a range of solid metal plates that have been skillfully machined from 6mm of Steel and Brass to accommodate interior accessories.


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