Cakes by Happy Eatery Brings Three Decades of Delicious to the Manassas Area

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by Amy Taylor

Sponsored by Cakes by Happy Eatery

Victoria Wu of Cakes by Happy Eatery was born into baking, but she wasn’t born with a silver spoon (or rather, dessert fork) in her mouth. She runs her family’s business, but she had to work hard to get there.

“My parents started the bakery business and expected each of their three daughters to get a college degree, have a career, and still help with the family business. Only if we had a successful career and wanted to join the family business full-time, were we welcomed. It was not expected that any of us would assume or inherit the business. We had to want the business. with all its successes and obligations,” Wu said.

She and her sisteCakes by Happy Eatery pastriesrs learned on the job from the trained bakers and pastry chefs that have always worked at the bakery. Today, Victoria handles sales and her sister Emily manages the kitchen. “There is a third sister and between us, we have a financial, marketing and advertising background,” said Wu.

Their passion for baking combined with decades of training makes the bakery the amazing place it is today.

“By having a diverse group of bakers and pastry chefs through the last three-plus decades, we were able to learn from the best. We are always refining techniques, creating something new and keeping up with trending desserts and styles,” Wu said.

Her joy in creating cakes comes from seeing her clients’ reactions.

“The thrill for us is seeing the awe and appreciation from the clients,” Wu said.

She has many customers return and visit years after their initial cake order.Cakes by Happy Eatery wedding cake

“Just recently, a wedding couple came by the bakery to celebrate their anniversary; they married in 2000. We still laugh and then reminisced about their giant Armadillo groom’s cake,” Wu said.

How to Order

Customers who want the bakery to create their dream cakes should give the bakery at least a day’s notice for simpler orders (think cupcakes and birthday cakes). For larger scale events, plan to place your order several weeks or months in advance to give the bakery enough time to plan the logistics of your custom cake. If you have a photo or drawing to inspire your cake, bring that along and the experts at the bakery can guide you through the process of creating a delicious masterpiece that will wow your guests.

Cakes by Happy Eatery is located at 9685 Liberia Ave., Unit 107 in Manassas. To find out more visit or give them a call at 703-530-8898.


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