Calling for Submissions for the Journal of Prince William County History

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Provided by Prince William County

The Prince William Historic Preservation Division, the Prince William Historic Commission and Historic Prince William are looking to scholars, teachers, researchers, historians and history buffs to contribute to the “Journal of Prince William County History.” The journal will focus on any topics regarding local history, including biographies and events, as well as histories of institutions or businesses.

Bill Backus, with the county’s Historic Preservation Division, said the journal won’t focus exclusively on the big stuff everyone knows about. “We’re going to be focusing on the general history of Prince William County. This is not just a Civil War or a Colonial publication. We’ll be focusing on everything from the Colonial era all the way up to the 20th century.”

Submitted papers will go before a panel to determine whether they will be included in the journal, Backus said.

The printed journal will be in the form of a small booklet with about five papers, Backus said. “We’ll be trying to make sure that each issue takes a more holistic view of Prince William County, featuring papers that explore historic individuals, events and places. We don’t want to have five Civil War articles. We’re planning to do this as an annual publication, so if something is not chosen for this year’s, it might be rolled into next year’s journal.”

Publication of the journal is set for March 2019 to coincide with the March 25, 1731 founding of Prince William County.

The papers should be written in the “Chicago Manual of Style” and include endnotes with notation in the traditional historic form. The length, including endnotes, should be 5,000-7,000 words. Email the papers as a Microsoft Word attachment to Backus at The deadline is Dec. 1.

Backus said the journal will be published for people to get an appreciation for the county’s history. “We want people to have the chance to appreciate the rich history that we have here in our community.”



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