Candidate for the Neabsco District Prince William County School Board

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Provided by Joseph George

Prince William Living Readers,

Joseph GeorgeI am a transplanted New Yorker, who has lived in Prince William County since I was Honorable Discharged from the
U.S. Army as a Paratrooper.  I have been involved as President and Vice President for Minnieville Elementary’s PTA/PTO and Woodbridge Middle School’s PTO, and have currently held the position of Principal’s Advisory Council Chairman for Minnieville Elementary for over four years.  I have been involved in multiple Career Days at not only Woodbridge Middle and Minnieville Elementary, but also at Pennington and Marsteller Middle Schools, as well as Andrew Jackson High School (my New York City high school).  Additionally, I have been an avid coach for girls softball at Prince William Lassie League and Prince William Girls Fastpitch Softball, as well as have coach for
Woodbridge Little League.  I have also encouraged my oldest daughter to become socially aware and she is currently one of the leaders in the Norsemen Service Club at Woodbridge Senior High School.

My activity has recently been better served at the elementary school level and my youngest daughter will be at Minnieville for another year, so I believe that after my position as Advisory Council Chairman, this is the next logical step for me.  Many parents, teachers, and facilitators that I have spoken to about my running has agreed and encouraged me to do so.

My three top issues are (1) Ensuring that we are providing the best education for our students, (2) ensuring that we keep the most capable teachers within our School District, and (3) ensuring that our District members, both parents and tax payers without children in the School District anymore, have a voice on decisions made that impact spending.

A vote for Joseph George means that the public’s voice will be heard (even those that do NOT vote for me will be heard as well) and I want them to have faith that I will make the tough choices, based on their input, as well as the input of my fellow Board Members.  When decisions are to be made that may be unpopular, I will be the one to explain why the choice was made, and allow those that are disappointed in the decision to speak with me one-on-one or in a public forum.  I want to ensure that I interact closely with my counterpart on the County Board of Supervisors, Mr. John Jenkins, so that our District is in lock-step on what we are trying to accomplish.  I am new to the political process, but I am not new to making tough choices that impact millions of dollars, and those decisions are not taken lightly.


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