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The Firehouse Foodie: Family

Firehouse Foodie, almost LT's mac and cheese

By Frank E. Vaerewijck As we begin the holiday season, we look forward to spending time with family. But who is family? What makes up family? Why is being a part of a family so important to us? Other than the typical definitions presented by Merriam-Webster, the dictionary includes a more favorable, deeper, fire friendly definition. Right there among the …

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The Firehouse Foodie: Halloween Caramel Apples

Halloween caramel apples, October, Firehouse Foodie

By Frank E. Vaerewijck It’s October – Halloween is just around the corner, and this month we firefighters nationally engage in Fire Prevention Education. October is known for other things as well, but these two events can play on each other quite well. Countless kids every year dress up like firefighters and go door to door or to parties. Adults tend …

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Fall Celebrations

cows-n-corn fall celebrations feature 1018

By Amy Falkofske The craziness of summer has come and gone. School is back in session, and most of us have settled back into a routine. For some, that may bring sadness. For others, it’s their favorite time of year. But no matter which category you fall into, there is much to appreciate about this time of year. The leaves are changing into beautiful …

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The Firehouse Foodie: Pop’s Maple Pancake Syrup

Pops maple syrup the firehouse foodie

By Frank E. Vaerewijck I recently saw a Facebook post from a friend who is a captain with the Arlington County Fire Department in Virginia. The picture was of a group of firefighters all working together to prepare breakfast. White fridge to the left of the room, stainless steel island with pots and pans hanging above, adorned with pancake mix, …

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The Firehouse Foodie: “Do You Know…”

The Firehouse Foodie

By Frank Vaerewyck “Oh, you’re a Firefighter; do you know so-and-so?” Sometimes you do; more often than not, you don’t. For years, I would ask what department they worked for, or I would say, “Yeah I think so, but I know so many people it’s ridiculous.” The truth of the matter is, though we tend to know the people in …

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The Firehouse Foodie: Summer and The Chicago Hot Dog

The Firehouse Foodie, July 2018

By Frank E. Vaerewyck Summer. The word alone conjures up images of the beach, vacations, bright sunny days, and cookouts. You can feel the heat, smell the barbecue and taste the sweet treats of summer like watermelon, lemonade. and one of my favorites (that’s not so sweet) – Hot Dogs! What is a Hot Dog? According to the experts at Wikipedia, …

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The Firehouse Foodie: One Thing, Just One Thing!

Firehouse Foodie brown sugar glazed meatloaf

By Frank E. Vaerewijck “Do a million things right and no one remembers, do one thing wrong and no one forgets.” This ageless statement is not only true on the fire ground, it’s oh so true in the kitchen too. It’s probably more true in the kitchen at the station, due to great efforts in Fire Prevention and the fact …

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Details Make Outdoor Family Movie Nights Memorable

Story and Photos By Amanda Causey Baity When the weather starts to warm up, I always think of movie nights, which my family loves. Movie nights are even more fun when you bring them outdoors. My family only does this a few times a year since it takes a little extra effort, but the results and memories are worth it. On the day of movie …

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The Firehouse Foodie: Show and Tell

By Frank E. Vaerewijck   It’s a beautiful day! The Engine, Tower, and Ambulance bay doors are open. The sunshine illuminates the chrome of the apparatus like something out of a movie or your favorite television show. Cars, trucks, and SUVs pass the front of the station. As one particular SUV passes, the brake lights come on, immediately followed by …

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The Firehouse Foodie: Who’s Really the Best Friend?

By Frank E. Vaerewyck It is estimated that three-quarters of the world’s dog population lives in the developing world as feral, village, or community dogs, with pet dogs uncommon. But in developed countries canines have lived and worked with humans in so many roles that they have earned the nick name “Man’s Best Friend”, a phrase used not just in America, …

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