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What Did I Learn in 2018?


By Melissa Davies, Wise Ways Consulting Here we are, the end of the year. Am I any wiser? Hard as it may be at times, I owe it to myself to practice what I preach, to do what I ask of my clients. So in that vein, here are the top three lessons I’ve learned. Never expect someone else to …

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You have to Participate to Lead – Vote!

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By Melissa Davies, Wise Ways Consulting I was speaking with a colleague the other day about the importance of voting in a democratic society. He mentioned that his eldest had chosen not to vote in the last federal election. As a result, he and his wife told her that she was not allowed to complain about the current administration around …

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Halloween is Coming. Don’t be Afraid of your Team!

By Melissa Davies, Wise Ways Consulting It’s October, the start of the spooky season. It’s all in good fun, of course – unless you are a manager afraid of your team and scared to delegate. Then work is an endless nightmare of missed deadlines, stress, and headaches. October is also the month when projects race to the finish line before …

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Managing Performance from a Place of Integrity

By Melissa Davies, Wise Ways Consulting It’s performance review season – I can sense your excitement from here! Let’s talk about how we lead and manage from a place of integrity. The word integrity comes from the Latin integritas, meaning wholeness and soundness. Many define it as “doing the right thing when no one is looking.” To me, integrity means …

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Business Leadership Books You Didn’t Read on Summer Vacation

By Melissa Davies, Wise Ways Consulting We’ve hit the summer mid-point in the DMV. The heat is still on, so learn to cool some of your workplace conflicts with a great business book. Head to your favorite quiet spot during lunch and do some reading. Some books to consider for your list: The Book of Hard Choices. James Autry and …

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Hot Enough for You? Tips for Motivating Both Yourself and Your Team

By Melissa Davies, Wise Ways Consulting It’s hot, really hot, as in the typical dog days of DC summer hot! Despite the heat, we’re still at work because let’s face it, your mortgage lender isn’t going to accept a late payment with an excuse like, “It was just too hot to go out of the house”! So, what do you …

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Put Your Inner Critic on Holiday

By Melissa Davies, Wise Ways Consulting “I can’t believe I did that – how did I miss that issue when I hired them? Clearly, they don’t know what they’re doing! I’m such an idiot!” How many of us have hired someone and then regretted it? Or selected someone to lead an important project only to find out that the person …

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Relationships and Rules

By Melissa Davies, Wise Ways Consulting President Trump recently hosted his administration’s first state dinner with France’s President, Emmanuel Macron. France is the United States’s oldest ally. And as reported in the news, Trump and Macron appear to get along and like one another. In keeping with diplomatic protocol, Macron brought a gift, a Durmast oak sapling, a non-native oak …

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Taxation Without Representation

By Melissa Davies, Wise Ways Consulting April, a month that brings cherry blossoms, rising temperatures, tourists, and of course, a check-in with the tax man! As a leader, do you commit taxation without representation? Do you expect your team members to perform without giving them appropriate rewards, feedback or direction? Are you the type of leader who is quick to …

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What’s Love Got to Do with It?

By Melissa Davies, Wise Ways Consulting It’s the season of love, at least it’s supposed to be. No doubt you’re thinking, “this is work, Melissa – what’s love got to do with it?” Understandable reaction because this is a column that talks about leadership and communication in the work environment. However, let’s consider the different types of love and how …

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