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Your Words Mean Business

Writing Polite Emails (even when you’re not feeling polite)

By All Things Writing, LLC We’ve all been there. You’ve answered three emails about the same issue from the same person already today, and your courtesy meter is running on low. It’s tough to take a deep breath and pen yet another polite email. But you can. Read on. We’ve got some language tips for those days when you need …

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The Best Kept Secret Tool for Customer Service Success

Provided by All Things Writing, LLC When you think of customer service tools, what do you think of? Is it leading a soothing conversation to settle an irate customer? Or do you think more along the lines of a virtual help desk or chat applet? Well, of course, those are customer service tools, but there’s another one out there that …

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Position Yourself As an Authority — Write Now!

By All Things Writing, LLC If you’re ready to take your business up a notch, it’s time to focus on authority positioning. Establishing yourself as an expert in your field can help you achieve and exceed your business goals. When you’re well-trusted, people value your opinion, consumers are more likely to buy your products and services, and you’ll naturally receive …

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Want to be Heard? Choose the Right Word

By All Things Writing, LLC Language is complex. Words have definitions, connotations, history and context. No wonder it’s so easy to misrepresent something or someone in writing – and no wonder this could make a huge impact on your business. Whether you’re writing an email, a press release, a report or a social media blurb, your ability to choose the …

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Why You Should Worry About Content Marketing

By All Things Writing, LLC Content marketing. You might have heard the term once, or twice…or fifty-seven times. You might have a good idea of what the term means, too. Creating and sharing material without directly promoting a brand – but still generating interest in products or services – isn’t a new idea. In fact, content marketing has been around …

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