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Your Words Mean Business

Diversify Your Content Marketing for Big Results

content marketing, SEO generation, online visibility, copywriting, marketing

By All Things Writing, LLC What’s the biggest secret to content marketing success? It’s all in your diversification. The old adage we’ve heard for generations: “Don’t put all your eggs into one basket” certainly applies in this field. You’ve got to diversify and market in layers. What Does It Mean to Diversify? Would it be smart to place all of …

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Funnel Customers Through to a Sale

email funnels, click funnels, Prince William Living, marketing advice, All Things Writing LLC

Provided by All Things Writing, LLC Have you heard the term “email marketing funnel?” Without some context, you may be picturing a typical baking funnel, with flour or milk running through freely. This is actually a good visual to start with. Email marketing funnels don’t involve true baking ingredients at all, but rather steps you take a customer through to …

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Want to Succeed in Content Marketing? Use Your Voice.

All Things Writing LLC, Writing Voice, Blogging, Prince William Living Magazine

By All Things Writing, LLC It may sound a little contradictory to talk about a writing voice. Unless we’re discussing voice-to-text, how can you use your voice if you’re just writing? It actually makes perfect sense, though. Think about how you sound in your mind as you’re writing. Are you witty? Are you formal? Are you to-the-point? Your writing voice …

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Seven Touches to Make the Sale

By All Things Writing, LLC Ask any salesperson, and they’ll likely tell you that most sales are not closed during the first exposure to a service or product. It takes repetition and variety to snag customers and close deals, especially when your leads are virtually strangers. In fact, it typically takes an average of seven marketing “touches” to make a …

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Write a LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Noticed

By All Things Writing, LLC Do you know how your LinkedIn profile stacks up to others in your field? Have you completed each section to maximize your profile? Maybe you’re still wondering what this LinkedIn stuff is all about. No matter where you’re starting from, read on to complete a killer profile that will get you noticed. What’s the Purpose …

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Sponsored Content: Media Attention Your Way

Provided by All Things Writing, LLC Getting the word out about your business can be tough. So it pays to get a little creative in promoting your products and services. While tradition might have you seeking media appearances and interviews, the truth is, you can grab exposure for yourself. Sponsored content is becoming more and more popular as an effective …

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Market Like a Pro by Writing Like a Pro

By All Things Writing, LLC Whether we know it or not, most of us market in some way every day. That simple email to a client, the random social media post, even talking to the boss – it’s all marketing either our organization or ourselves through the way we present ideas. But if we want to knock our marketing out …

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Writing Polite Emails (even when you’re not feeling polite)

By All Things Writing, LLC We’ve all been there. You’ve answered three emails about the same issue from the same person already today, and your courtesy meter is running on low. It’s tough to take a deep breath and pen yet another polite email. But you can. Read on. We’ve got some language tips for those days when you need …

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The Best Kept Secret Tool for Customer Service Success

Provided by All Things Writing, LLC When you think of customer service tools, what do you think of? Is it leading a soothing conversation to settle an irate customer? Or do you think more along the lines of a virtual help desk or chat applet? Well, of course, those are customer service tools, but there’s another one out there that …

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Position Yourself As an Authority — Write Now!

By All Things Writing, LLC If you’re ready to take your business up a notch, it’s time to focus on authority positioning. Establishing yourself as an expert in your field can help you achieve and exceed your business goals. When you’re well-trusted, people value your opinion, consumers are more likely to buy your products and services, and you’ll naturally receive …

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