Celebrate the New Year With Family Goal Setting

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By Jennifer Halter

It’s the start of a new year and a new decade (gasp!), and more than likely, you have a list of goals set for yourself that you plan to accomplish. Maybe it’s saving money, getting healthier or changing careers. As
my daughter has gotten a bit older and has heard me mention my own personal goals, she’s asked questions about why I do this and has expressed an interest in doing this, too.

Here are some ideas to help your child create their own plan for starting the new year!

Write a goals list. Depending on their age, you can ask your child questions and have them give two to three responses for each. I suggest limiting their answers, so the goals don’t seem overwhelming or unattainable. You can ask questions such as:

  • Where would you like to travel to this year?
  • What three things can you do to help others?
  • What things would you like to get better at?
  • What new things would you like to try?
  • What things would you like to learn?

Update your family chores list. This is a great time to re-evaluate or create, if you don’t have one, a list
of responsibilities for members of your household. As children get older, they may be able to take on new
tasks. Developing a plan as a family will help everyone be clear about their roles and make working together easier. A clean and more organized home helps everyone be more productive.

Create a healthy snacks menu. As becoming healthier is typically a top goal for most adults when a new year rolls around, you could also use this opportunity to create a family goal to eat less junk food and more of the good stuff. Get the kids involved by asking for ideas for better food choices and healthy swaps. If your little ones aren’t fans of fruits and veggies, try making them more fun by cutting them into shapes or calling them fun names, such as superhero chips for sliced bananas or cucumbers or princess wands for carrot or celery sticks.

No matter what your goals for the new year, be sure to involve the entire family. Doing so will not only help
everyone meet their goals, but will help strengthen family bonds as well. Have a successful, happy new year
— and new decade!

Jennifer Halter is publisher of Macaroni Kid Woodbridge and Macaroni Kid Gainesville/Manassas.


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