Your Child Can Dream Big, Love Learning? Skies Wide Open Makes it Happen

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As a child, Timothy M. Horn loved to learn. He reports that he’d dig deep and question his parents about everything. They lovingly encouraged him and taught him how to find answers for himself — and to enjoy the process of discovery.

These days, with the changes in public school curricula and the explosion of the technology age, it’s easy to see why many children don’t have the passion for school and learning that he possessed. Screens and video games are competing for their attention — and are often winning — and testing seems to be the primary focus.

But now, as parents, you can reinvigorate your child’s passion for learning and encourage them to engage and enjoy the educational process. And the best part is you can get started now.

Horn’s book Skies Wide Open: How to Teach Your Child to Dream Big and Love Learning is set to launch in early August. You can pre-order your copy here or you can email Tim with your name and address to reserve your copy. In his latest book, Horn shares his knowledge about instilling passion in your children and a variety of tips and tricks to help children truly internalize information and become more studious than you ever thought possible. It’s time to re-engage them in their studies, and with this book, you’ll have the power to do so.

Horn was a public school teacher for more than 20 years and notes that “children don’t come with an instruction manual, but this manual can help.” No matter what kind of school your kids attend, you want them exposed to as many possibilities for growth as possible. But how can you do that in a system where testing has trumped experiential learning? If you’ve asked yourself this question, Skies Wide Open may hold your answers. This book is for parents and teachers who want to learn to help children learn — and do it painlessly while still functioning in the larger academic system.

Would you like to change your home from an ongoing educational battleground to an inviting classroom? The techniques in Skies Wide Open can help you and your student enjoy the learning process together, which means:

  • A better educational experience for the child
  • A better teaching experience for you
  • A better relationship with the school system
  • A better relationship between parent and child
  • A better future for everyone

By reigniting the love of knowledge within children, Horn prepared them for their life’s journey. This book shows how he did it, and how you can implement his techniques through simple, fun games and exercises, no equipment necessary.

And an added bonus? Horn shares daily questions to ask your child that will elicit much more than the few standard word answers you’re likely receiving now. Get re-engaged in their studies and their lives.

Interested in learning more? Horn is available for speaking engagements related to his book and techniques within.

Open The Skies! Parent-Child School Preparation Workshop

Tim Horn will be holding back-to-school educational workshops for parents and their school-aged children in Historic Downtown Manassas. Families will learn techniques to prepare for classes, make connections to foster better memory, learn more easily and make school fun. For more information, call  703-969-5791 or email

From dynamic teaching at every level to innovative workshops for businesses and organizations, to advanced education and one-on-one support using hypnotherapy, Tim Horn of Hypnoconsult in Manassas applies the mind sciences to help people overcome challenges and reach goals — even ones they thought were unattainable. Tim teaches clients in Northern Virginia and throughout the world to maximize the potential of the mind, to live with fewer barriers and help children do the same, improving their education while enhancing the experience of parental involvement.

 Tim’s extensive education and experience in teaching, hypnotherapy, the arts and entrepreneurship provide him with powerful and unique tools to help others overcome challenges, break through barriers and reach goals they never thought possible. Contact Tim today for a free consultation:

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