Christa Healing and Wellness Announces Deb Mueller Certified Zentangle® Teacher

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Provided by Christa Healing and Wellness

Christa Healing and Wellness Center is pleased to announce the certification of one of their practitioners as a Zentangle® teacher. This allows Christa Healing and Wellness to offer the Zentangle products for sale locally in the Center’s gift shop, but more importantly, the Center will begin providing Artfulness using the Zentangle method.

“I am excited for this stage in my Health and Wellness career. Zentangle will be offered as only one of our offerings during our Artfulness Clubs. We will combine Mindfulness and Art as Meditation to reduce stress, anxiety, and to show that anyone can create beautiful art,” said Deb Mueller, Co-Founder at Zentangle.

Positive Customer Impact

Zentangle or Christangle, which will be the title used at the Center, will bring a unique form of Mindfulness to the community. Schools, hospitals, and other healthcare arenas have already found positive results in the use of this method. Zentangle has been used in schools, hospitals, and other healthcare arenas with positive results. Christa Healing and Wellness Center looks forward to bringing these results to the local community through Artfulness Workshops; they are also committed to bringing the benefit of art and mindfulness to those who desire to experience it.

Christa Healing and Wellness Center Availability

Christa Healing and Wellness Center is committed to deliver this wonderful combination of Art and Mindfulness and looks forward to bringing classes directly to you or through the Center. Please contact the Center for more information regarding bringing this beneficial method of art and mindfulness to your school or business.

Founded in 2022 with a recent brick and mortar opening in June of 2022, Zentangle is a local non-profit geared to alternative health, wellness and other community resources and services. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to give back to the community with Free and Reduced Fee Services. As with any non-profit donations and guests that can pay full fee assist in keeping the doors open and fees reasonable for all.

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