Christa Healing and Wellness Center Announces Workplace Mindfulness and Certification of Deb Mueller as a CWMF

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Provided by Christa Healing and Wellness Center

Christa Healing and Wellness Center has announced immediate availability of Workplace Mindfulness, enabling organizations and business owners to bring this benefit to their employees. “I am so thrilled that we can now provide this service to our local businesses and their team members,” said Deborah Mueller, co-founder of Christa Healing and Wellness. “The course was 12 weeks of learning, completing practicums, and passing a final exam. I am ecstatic to add the Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator to my growing list of modalities.

Positive Customer Impact

Many organizations and local businesses have already begun to provide Workplace Mindfulness. Many studies have proven that Workplace Mindfulness provides many benefits to those who participate, such as reduced anxiety and stress. The benefits are not just seen by the workforce team; stakeholders and leaders also see improved productivity and a reduction in turnover.

Workplace Mindfulness Availability

Workplace Mindfulness is a growing benefit that many organizations are implementing to provide another layer to their Employee Benefit Plans. Mental Health is a hot topic and Mindfulness can address some of those concerns. Christa Healing and Wellness Center is committed to providing Workplace Mindfulness to folks at a reasonable cost.

Founded in 2022, Christa Healing and Wellness Center is a local business that offers a wide range of wellness products and services.

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