Circuit Court Clerk Opens Self-Service Kiosks at Prince William County Administrative Buildings

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Provided by the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office

Circuit Court Clerk’s Office self-service kiosks are now available to the public at Prince William County government buildings. The Circuit Court Clerk, Jacqueline Smith, has partnered with several Prince William County agencies to provide the public with self-service kiosks in the McCoart and Ferlazzo buildings in Woodbridge. The program is 100% funded by Virginia Technology grants.

Circuit Court Clerk Smith is pleased to announce the new kiosk locations will provide residents with easier access to court and government services throughout the community. The self-service kiosks offer secure and quick access to Circuit Court Clerk services including marriage licenses, deed copies, case information, payments and more.

Additionally, through partnerships with several Prince William County Government Agencies, residents can access General District Court services, Voter Registration, Ticket and Tax Payments through self-service kiosks located at the two Prince William County Government Buildings. The kiosks accept all major credit cards.

“Along with our one-of-a-kind full-service mobile Clerk’s Office, Seals on Wheels, these kiosks help to make Clerk services easily accessible to residents in multiple convenient locations, outside of regular court business hours. Together with our community partners, we are prioritizing the needs of our customers to best serve our residents” said Circuit Court Clerk Jacqueline Smith.

Clerk Smith has further secured Virginia Technology grant funding for an additional eleven self-service kiosks which will be deployed throughout Prince William County and the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park.

For more information about the self-service kiosks or Seals on Wheels, click here.


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