Circuit Court Clerk Upgrades Format Design for Concealed Handgun Permits

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Provided by the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for Prince William-Manassas-Manassas Park

The Clerk of the Circuit Court, Jacqueline Smith, is offering a new hard card design replacement of paper concealed handgun permits. As a part of Circuit Court Clerk Smith’s initiatives to make services convenient and efficient for residents, she is providing plastic hard cards in lieu of paper concealed handgun permits (CHPs). The upgraded hard card is secure, durable, and free.

The round edge plastic hard cards are weatherproof and wallet friendly. No longer must a concealed handgun license be laminated to prevent wear and tear. The hard card CHPs provide residents a solid upgrade while removing the need for design modifications after issuance.

With the updated hard cards, residents may demonstrate their permit status and the location of issue swiftly and securely. The hard cards provide authorities quick access to contact information, which helps to decrease fraud and duplication. The new hard cards display the approved seal prints of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

The Circuit Court Clerk’s hard card program is funded by a Virginia Technology Grant. In September 2023, new permit holders will begin receiving hard cards when their applications are approved. Informational postcards will be mailed to current concealed handgun permit holders regarding the change. If you prefer a hard card as a replacement for your previously issued paper permit, please fill out the request form on the Clerk of the Circuit Court website.

For more information about the Concealed Handgun Hard Card Permits, please visit Circuit Court Clerk’s Office, send an email to or stop by the Clerk’s Seals on Wheels at an event near you.


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