Colgan CFPA Student Performance at Open Space Arts

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Provided by Open Space Arts

This past Sunday, Open Space Arts hosted a surprise for their weekly ‘Open Arts Sunday’ event: a live jazz band performance that underscored their commitment to providing a platform for young talent. The band, composed of three students from the Colgan Fine & Performing Arts program, put on an unforgettable show.

The group, known as Past9ine, included Victor Collins on piano, Mason Weintz on drums, and Dez Van Echo on bass. They captivated the audience for an entire two and a half hours, playing a selection of cool jazz standards such as “Misty,” “Blue Bossa,” and “Girl from Ipanema,” with short breaks in between the sets.

“These guys came in and were dressed professionally, carried themselves professionally, and performed professionally.” said Christopher James, Development Director for Edutainment at Open Space Arts. I.E. Luckey, Director of Talent Acquisition for Edutainment, added, “They came through our doors and knew exactly what they needed to put on a show. All we had to do was facilitate; and this speaks volumes to the quality of Colgan’s CFPA program to produce and nurture such young talent. We can’t wait until our Cabaret is here to give these guys the stage they truly deserve!”

From the Open Space Arts team’s testimony, it was evident that the CFPA program had provided them with a solid foundation and the necessary skills to deliver a professional and entertaining performance.

This event was part of Open Space Arts’ ongoing initiative to create bigger and better stages for Prince William County students to play on. With the OSA Cabaret Project, they aim to offer students like Victor, Mason, and Dez the opportunities they need to showcase their talents and further develop their skills.

Open Space Arts looks forward to hosting more events like this in the future as it continues to highlight the exceptional talent coming out of programs like the CFPA at Colgan.

To find out more information about the OSA Cabaret Project, visit or email


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