Colorful Springtime Crafts

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Easy projects add color to the home

(Family Features) Celebrate the uplifting colors of spring with easy-to-make crafts that bring inspiration and creativity to the home.

Natural appeal

Let the wild charm of the outside world inside your home this season. The use of moss brings a full spectrum of gentle greens to your door or wall with this Moss Letter, a simple project from the crafting experts at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. With the use of just a few materials, you can showcase your love for Mother Nature with your own personalized touch.

Divine designs

Bring the signs of spring to life with designs that incorporate the dreamy scenes of floral blooms and butterflies. Your refrigerator will become a work of art with Stamped Tile Magnets – an easy decor project to brighten any kitchen.

Every recipient treasures gifts that come from the heart. These charming crafts take less than two hours to create, and they’re perfect presents for upcoming birthday parties, wedding showers or unique hostess gifts for those upcoming springtime soirees.

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Moss Monogram Letter

Project courtesy of Gloribell Lebron,

Crafting Time: 1-2 hours

Skill Level: No experience necessary

Supplies and Tools:

Small canvas

Moss (The Moss Collection)

Glue gun and glue sticks

Computer and printer (optional)




1. On the canvas, lightly draw desired letter with a pencil or print a letter from computer and trace it.

2. Sort the moss out over workspace, mixing and matching to achieve desired look.

3. Glue the moss in 1-inch sections inside the drawn letter.

4. Trim moss around letter as needed.

5. Hang using a satin ribbon and tie a bow
Stamped Tile Magnets

Project courtesy of Amy Bell,

Crafting Time: 1-2 hours

Skill Level: No experience necessary

Supplies and Tools:

      Small ceramic tiles

      Disc magnets

      Martha Stewart satin acrylic craft paint in Blue Calico

      Martha Stewart Fair Isle Dots adhesive stencils

      Small foam pouncers

      Heavy-duty adhesive

1. Adhere the stencils to the ceramic tiles. Use the foam pouncers and acrylic paint to embellish the tiles as desired. Allow paint to dry completely.

2. For a permanent finish, oven cure the tiles according to the paint package instructions. (Alternatively, air cure for 21 days.)

3. Affix a magnet to the back of each tile with the heavy-duty adhesive. Allow to dry for 24 hours before use.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores


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