Jirani Coffee House Hosts Buto’s EP Release Party

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By Marianne Weaver

Mabuto Richardson, more prominently known as ‘Buto,’ came home to Prince William to celebrate the release of his first EP, “Spuddies.” More than 150 attended his release party Friday, Oct. 20 at Jirani Coffee House in Manassas, which his parents own.

“That is my home. I wouldn’t want a first show anywhere else,” he said. “I had to do my first one there. My parents were there, and so were all the people who have supported me through the journey.”

After graduating from high school in June, he set off to Los Angeles to pursue his musical aspirations. His parents, Kenneth and Detra Moorman, weren’t surprised at all. In fact, they said, he’s been working toward this goal since he started playing piano at age 6.

“He was always drawn to music,” said Detra. “We knew when he won a talent show in the sixth grade that this was more of a gift than a typical talent.”

Throughout middle school he played percussion—bells, xylophone and snare drum—with the Manassas Park High School band. Although Buto was homeschooled the last three years of high school, his mother said he was always plugged in to his music.

“He had a natural ability and loved music,” she said. “He picked up guitar in tenth grade. By then he was playing keyboard and leading worship in the youth ministry. And he was also teaching piano to students in the local area.”

Following His Dreams

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Kenneth had a record deal and lived in Los Angeles in 1999.

“Buto grew up hearing stories and I knew it was a matter of time until he was ready to do it,” said Kenneth. “It was way beyond us, He was going to do music whether we allowed it or not.”

Three weeks after graduation, Buto packed his bags and moved in with family living in the Los Angeles area.

“I left June 20, 2017,” said Buto. “I really believed, because my parents believed in me. They told me to be ready, to be on my toes. I am still here, and I am chasing my dream.”

His six-track debut album, “Spuddies,” was released Sept. 22, 2017.

“Spuddies has a very wide variety of songs. I write about a song or two a day,” said Richardson. “I love music – from playing piano on ballads to some acoustic guitar like John Mayer and Ed Sheeran. And I really like dance music too, because it allows freedom of expression.”

But, he added, his greatest motivation is quite simple.

“My biggest inspiration is Jesus. I want to be a better man,” he said. “I want to let people know that you don’t have to sound like everyone else.  Everyone sounds the same – its’ all about girls, drugs, and being rich. But there is so much more than that. I want to take people to a different place with my music.”

His music is on all streaming platforms and on iTunes for purchase at $6 at  itunes.apple.com/us/album/spuddies-ep/id1297078570. The video for his single “Blessing” is on YouTube at youtu.be/J0SkM18Q_MQ. Also, his website is butomusic.com.

To keep up with Buto, his releases and performance dates, visit his website at butomusic.com/.



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