Coming Soon! Online Police Reporting Option

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Provided by Manassas City Police Department

With the need for social distancing and in an effort to keep the public safe, the Manassas City Police Department will be adding online reporting to our reporting options. The Department will be implementing the option for citizens to report select incident types online. This is in addition to the existing option of meeting with an officer in person to file an incident report. The online reporting system is not intended to replace the response of police personnel to incidents, merely an attempt to add options for our community.

 Approved Online Reporting Incident Types: 

Category Description Examples
Fraud When your personal information, banking information, or credit card information is used without your permission or authorization. Telephone scams, credit card fraud, use of your personal information to open unauthorized accounts etc.,
Theft When property is taken without your permission. This does not include someone physically taking something from person or from inside a vehicle Items stolen from your yard, driveway, porch or other common shared areas such as garages or laundry facilities of apartment complexes. If something was taken from inside your vehicle please file a Theft from Vehicle report.
Theft from Vehicle Property is stolen from a motor vehicle. If property was not taken from inside a vehicle, please file a theft report. Stolen equipment or belongings from a vehicle. (Ex. Someone enters your vehicle and takes a purse, wallet, change, GPS or stereo)
Vandalism The act of defacing public or private property. Graffiti, knocking over mailbox etc.
Vandalism to a Vehicle The act of damaging a vehicle. Keying, scratching, broken windows, slashed tires etc.


Please use the following checklist to determine if Online Reporting is right for you:

  • NOT an emergency
  • No one is injured or needs medical attention
  • I live in the City of Manassas or the incident occurred within the City of Manassas
  • I have access to an email address
  • Suspect information is not known
  • The incident I wish to report is listed above

In the event a citizen attempts to report an incident type other than those noted above, the report will be rejected and the citizen will receive an error message prompting them to contact the non-emergency telephone number to report the incident.

Once an incident report has been successfully submitted, our Police Records department will provide a police report number to the citizen via a “do-not-reply” email message within one business day. The report will be processed and reviewed by our Investigative Services Division. The link to the online reporting portal ( will be published on the Manassas City Police web page and associated social media platforms.

This process is scheduled to begin May 1, 2021.




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