Commercial Burglaries – Dale City

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Provided by Prince William County Police

There has been a recent increase in commercial burglaries in the Center Plaza and Cheshire Plaza in Dale City. Several businesses were targeted where the criminals gained access by breaking the glass on the front door with a rock and taking currency from tip jars and cash registers.

Do not hide cash in the business.

  • Obtain a safe to store cash and other valuables.
  • Fire safes are not rated for loss by theft. Plate steel safes are built by welding solid sheets of steel
    together. Composite built safes offer both fire and theft protection, but cost more than single-purpose safes.
  • Ensure your safe has a UL rating (Underwriters Laboratories 687—Burglary Resistant). UL rates safes
    according to tool, torch and explosive resistance. UL rating labels are generally found on the door of
    the safe, and are permanently attached. We recommend a safe rated no less than TRTL 15×6.

Use a monitored alarm system.

  • Ensure everyone in your business is trained in using the alarm system AND it is activated when the
    business is closed.
  • Call the Police when you are notified by your alarm company of an activation.
  • Register your alarm system with the County. Call 703-792-7281 or 703-792-6687 or go to for online registration.

Consider installing a surveillance system in the business.

  • Video images can be very effective in a criminal investigation.
  • Verify all cameras (internal and external) are working and properly maintained.
  • Be trained in how to download images from your system to provide to detectives.
  • Maintain archives of surveillance images for no less than 31 days.

Burglary-resistant window treatments.

  • Protective films are extremely effective at slowing down intruders to the point where they simply go
    somewhere else.
  • To penetrate glass with protective films requires repeated and attention-getting blows. The criminal
    won’t want to risk getting caught or noticed before they break in.
  • We recommend using Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-972 listed products.

Contact the PWCPD Crime Prevention Unit for more information on any of the topics listed here. The Crime Prevention Unit also offers FREE training and security assessments for businesses in the County.


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