Compton & Duling’s New Partner

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By Wendy Migdal

Sponsored by Compton & Duling

The best types of relationships and partnerships are the ones in which both parties feel like they’re getting the best deal. That’s exactly what happened when attorney William (Bill) Wides recently joined the distinguished firm of Compton & Duling as their newest partner and civil litigator.

Being A Lawyer: Perception vs. Reality

The new position is a bit of shift, since Wides’ previous experience has been in criminal and family law. However, both those areas come with lots of courtroom experience, and Wides’ boss, Jason Hickman, says, “You can’t buy that. Unless you’ve done it, you don’t understand it.”

Being in court is Wides’ favorite part of the job. Though he cautions, “It’s nothing like Law and Order,” he says his idea of lawyer always involved that picture of being in the courtroom. “What really gets my adrenaline going is getting in front of that judge or jury and convincing them that you’re right and the other side is wrong.”

Which is exactly what a client wants in an attorney. However, Wides also wishes that people understood better how much lawyers give back to the community. “There’s so much attorneys do that they never publicize,” he says, “Whether it’s volunteering in a soup kitchen or making large donations to causes they deem important. Many attorneys choose to make much less money because they want to represent the indigent. Others, like Jason, serve on the board of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. We’re not just out to win huge settlements because you got in a fender bender.”

Wides Scores Some Wins

A Virginia lawyer since 2013, Wides brings a long list of accolades to his new position. He’s currently serving as president of the Prince William Bar Association (possibly the youngest in the association’s 82-year history) and was named a Rising Star for several years by Virginia and West Virginia Super Lawyer Magazine. One achievement he’s quite proud of was being made partner at the age of 32 at his previous firm.

In addition to being president of the local Bar Association, Wides also has worked on the Membership and Mentoring Committee, which matches up new lawyers, who are often solo practitioners or work in small firms, with more experienced lawyers. The ability to tap into another’s knowledge and bounce ideas off each other usually proves fruitful for both parties, he says.

It was through the Bar that Wides became acquainted with Hickman, managing partner at Compton & Duling. Hickman was looking for a new litigator who could focus on general, business, and real estate litigation. Hickman initially asked if Wides knew anyone who was interested, but Wides became more intrigued the more he heard about the position. “And one thing led to another,” he said.

Plugged into Prince William

Wides is also a 2017 graduate of Leadership Prince William, a 10-month course that takes in people from a wide variety of professions. It aims to ground them more in the history and culture of Prince William County so that they can be more involved in their community and use their knowledge to better their work.

Though Wides and his wife are both originally from New Jersey, he’s worked in the area for eight years, and says, “I couldn’t be happier. I plan to stay for many more years.” He and his wife spend their free time keeping up to date on their toddler’s latest interests and new skills, but when they get the chance, they enjoy traveling to the Outer Banks and the coast of Maine.

Wendy is a freelance writer who has lived in the Northern/Central Virginia area since 2000. She has written extensively for The Free Lance-Star and also works for online educational companies. Wendy enjoys traveling around the area to learn about parks, restaurants, attractions, and especially history.





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