Comstock Statement On Administration’s Federal Hiring Freeze

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Provided by Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s Office

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-VA) released the following statement on the federal hiring freeze announced today by the administration:

“While I am pleased that the hiring freeze does not include the military, public safety, and public health sectors of the federal government, the federal budget cannot be balanced on the backs of our federal workforce.  I don’t support this type of across-the-board freeze and think it is better to look at priorities and areas where appropriate cuts can be made and where we can consolidate efforts or identify unnecessary costs that can be eliminated.  As the General Accounting Office has previously reported, past hiring freezes in both Republican and Democrat administrations have cost the federal government money in the long run because of staffing problems, or problems in recruiting or disruption of key government operations and required services to the American people.  We will be monitoring and highlighting the results of this freeze and how it is impacting the mission of various agencies.”


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