Congrats to Debbie Jones on 30 Years with the Chamber!

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Provided by the Prince William Chamber of Commerce

Debbie Jones, Prince William Chamber of Commerce (photo credit: Mila Jackson photography)

Chamber President & CEO Debbie Jones is celebrating 30 years with the Chamber. Email Debbie to send a note of congratulations. Read testimonies here from her friends and colleagues:

From Mary Finnigan, Benedictine Sisters:

“When I was Executive Director of the Chamber, we were in search of a communications director. The business community was growing, and we needed a dynamic person in this critical position.  I was contacted by my friend Rob Sturm, who told me I should talk with Debbie Jones.  I didn’t know Debbie personally but knew of her outstanding work with the Old Town Business Association.
After speaking with Debbie for only a few minutes, and based on Rob’s recommendation, I knew Debbie would be a perfect fit. It was not so much about her previous experience as it was her positive, can-do attitude and infectious enthusiasm, which permeates the Chamber today.
Not long after she started, we drove to Charlottesville to meet with their Chamber. On the drive, we were talking away and the subject of blind dates came up.  She proceeded to tell how stupid she thought blind dates were.  Little did she know I met my husband, Pat, on a blind date. We had a good laugh at that, and from that day forward, a beautiful friendship was born.
One of the things that most impresses me about Debbie is her forward-looking vision for the business community and willingness to mentor people who are looking to enter the business world, be it a student doing an internship, a new college graduate wanting to make their mark in the world or new staff member.
Over the past thirty years, Debbie has expertly guided the Chamber through our prosperous times and challenging times. Debbie is a powerhouse of knowledge, work ethic, and connections. I have no doubt that she will continue serve us well in the coming months as our wonderful community works through the challenges we will face as a result of recent world events.”

From Lovey Hammel, Employment Enterprises, Inc.

“Debbie Jones… Fantastic community leader. Energetic, creative and outstanding collaborator. Her creative spirit inspires innovation.

Debbie is a special leader as her heart is about community growth and prosperity for all. A true friend and professional colleague for 40+ years.”

From Marty Nohe, Appliance Connection:

“Debbie Jones is more than a Chamber of Commerce executive who works on behalf of the businesses in our community. She is truly a friend to every entrepreneur, small business owner, and corporate manager that she meets. It would be difficult to find someone who had the opportunity to work with Debbie who would fail to say that her positive attitude, boundless energy, and sincere desire to build meaningful partnerships has helped their business. I am thrilled to help Debbie celebrate thirty years working with the Chamber in Prince William County. But I am even more thrilled to say that Debbie is my friend and someone that I know I can count on.”

From Jim Elliot, FVCbank:

“Debbie is a tireless champion of the business community with an inherent ability to connect businesses to resources they were not even aware were available. As long as I have known Debbie, she is always thinking of ways to make introductions that will result in connections that make the business community stronger.”

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