Congratulations on Your New Dog!

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Provided by Fetch! Pet Care of Manassas

Have you brought a new pup into your life recently? If so, you are not alone. Adoption rates have taken off as people use their time away from the office to welcome new family members into their lives and homes.

But what happens when it is time to head back to work? Spending anywhere from eight to 12 hours alone does not a happy or healthy dog make!

Here are some of your new family member’s needs:

  • Regular trips outside. Dogs need to take midday bathroom breaks, and they also need exercise, particularly if they are a high-energy breed or puppy. Consider using a reliable dogwalker while you are at work which will allow your dog to relieve itself and work out pent-up energy safely.
  • Consistent training. With training, your dog will learn that good behavior gives them confidence and helps them feel secure, and a well-behaved dog makes everyone in the family happy! Signing up for professional dog training with a reputable trainer is worth the investment.
  • Walking gear. All leashes, collars, and harnesses are not created equal. Pick gear that will not harm your dog but offers reliable and comfortable restraint. Avoid anything that puts all the pressure of a pulling dog against its throat! This can damage nerves and airways and can result in a collapsed trachea. Consider the size, breed, and temperament of your dog. Are they a Labrador with a lot of energy who pulls? Maybe a head halter is right for them. Are they a short-muzzled breed like a Frenchie? They are particularly prone to airway problems; make sure to get them a good harness and not lead them from their collar. Collars are meant for identification and tags.
  • Quality food. Consider a high-quality diet for your dog. It is money well-spent in terms of your dog’s health and longevity. If you want to go the extra mile, you can find nutritionally-sound recipes from homemade food delivery services. Keep treats healthy too; fruits and veggies are excellent and nutritious choices.
  • Puppies need toys to play with and for teething, and they can also be used in training. Choose toys that your dog cannot chew up and swallow or choke on. Your adult dogs also benefit from toys; consider interactive toys to keep them busy.
  • Make sure your dog always has access to clean water. Daily clean water is vital for their health.
  • A good veterinarian. Do not wait until an emergency to develop a relationship with a good vet! Find a vet who listens, answers questions, gives clear explanations, and shows genuine concern for your dog. A vet who works with you will lay the groundwork for your dog to enjoy a long, healthy life.

Your new pupster will bring you and your family years of fun and unconditional love. Enjoy them!

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