Congresswoman Comstock Joins Delaney Legislation To Reform WMATA Board

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Provided by Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s Office

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (VA-10) joined Congressman John Delaney (MD-6) as the Republican lead on legislation that he will file this week which seeks to reform the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) Board of Directors.  This legislation, which will be known as the WMATA Management Reform Act, will require that the next three federal appointees to WMATA’s Board will meet at least one of the following criteria: (1) be a certified transit expert, (2) be a certified management expert, or (3) be a certified financial expert.  The bill also requires that, going forward, a majority of federal representatives on the Board must meet these requirements at all times.  Should a new Metro Compact be enacted, these requirements would apply to all participating jurisdictions.

“It is clear that Metro needs a top-to-bottom cultural change and that starts with WMATA’s Board of Directors.  This legislation will professionalize WMATA’s Board so that it can competently oversee the second-busiest transit system in the United States.  My constituents and Metro’s customers deserve a safe and reliable system.  New General Manager Paul Wiedefeld has shown his willingness to change the culture of Metro.  Real technical leadership is needed to improve service and its culture, and this legislation would provide expertise on WMATA’s Board of Directors that is relevant to the needs of the system.”


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